Expression’s Erased

“I’m pushing through the years
These warm, younger years that brought me here
I’m listening as they whisper in my ear
Pushing me back to what I wanna be
What I try to be
That calm, tame beast inside of me”

The City by Milosh –

Music means a lot to me in terms of expression and images; sometimes a song can come with incredibly strong feelings or overpowering images.  A specific word or sound can ignite a flurry of feeling and nostalgia.  Really, some things just fit perfectly together.  Words. Images. Sounds. Feelings. I associate this particular song with the following three images.

I went on a drive with my roommate while the aspens were changing.  I swear she’s the only friend I have who can sit in a car with me for hours and listen to the same song…over and over and over again.  And, just when you think it’s done, three more times over.  I love the passing of nature experienced in this picture – the soft dead of grey with the vibrant colours of nature dying one more small death.

I believe life gives you the opportunity to be patient; it isn’t just a virtue.  (My roommate clearly has taken advantage of this occasion and is a seasoned pro.)  This picture reminds me of slowing down a smidge, noticing an ant carrying another bug to its lair, a piece of moss hanging by its last greeny threads before floating down a stream, a heart in a grass stalk.

Then there’s this picture.  I was driving back from a climbing trip in Indian Creek and the views driving into Colorado were astounding.  Naturally, I got out of my car to take some pictures of the scenery.  Mind you, this was on the side of a bridge passing over the Colorado River where cars were moving the air around me at 70 mph.  Just as I got back in my car, I heard a commotion and realized there were hundreds of birds zipping back and forth over the river.  I got back out of my car and tried to manually focus while moving the camera with the movement of the birds.  Difficult to say the least.  Out of maybe 30 pictures, this was one of maybe 2 decent ones.

I also may have listened to the song I posted a few times while writing this post…a few times multiplied by 8.

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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