Shoot Now, Focus Later

Shoot Now, Focus Later

Click on the link above for an interesting article about the latest camera technology: Light Field Technology.  Read the article on this little Lytro camera and let me know your thoughts. 

Personally, I miss dark room photography.  I feel there is/was so much more artistic knowledge required to produce an astounding photograph in a dark room.  Ah, alas, the art of dark room photography is slowly becoming extinct.  Today we, as a culture, have become so far removed from preserving the actual and real moment when a picture is taken.  We have lost the art of the mummification of the present because we can merely change anything we want, creating a moment that does not actually exist.

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One response to “Shoot Now, Focus Later

  1. You view the added technology takes away from the art of photography. However, by doing this you enter a slippery slope; I could say the same about dark room photography now. It has greatly advanced from its start in the mid 1800’s. Shall I say your ability to have a specific room for developing negatives and the chemicals you use are taking away from the artistic value of the photograph; you must go back to using the portable dark tent with gelatin dry plates. We can continue and say that is even too advanced and for one to stay true to the art of photography they must only use white petroleum just as Joseph Nicéphore Niépce did in 1826. We could keep going in the process and say that all photography is a mutation from the true from of painting. Though before we used painting to preserve an image all we had was the written or even the spoken word. So we are left at the beginning.

    Technology will always be advancing allowing new and different ways to capture and perceive our world. Do we condemn the new and entrench ourselves in the past? Do we cast out all that had come before and hail the new? Since the coming of the digital age it has changed the way one’s ability to control photography. It adds a different perspective; which by no means takes away from the art but rather gives a different way to come to it. We need not use new devices but at the same time there is no need to chastise those that do. We all have our niche.

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