Spreading the Infection of Beauty

Meet Gina.


Gina at Crown Hill Park

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting Gina Williams.  No, no, not murder of the first degree but with the piercing eye of my lens.  It was the second time I had spent time with this woman and the first time taking pictures.  For me, taking pictures allows for the opportunity to meet amazing people with unique perspectives on life and Gina does not fall short of this description.  This young woman has incredibly strong ideas about a vision she wants to full fill: The Gina Project (stay tuned for more).  After studying epidemiology, she decided that it was human thought itself that was actually contagious, an infection of the worst kind and sometimes the best.  Her goal in my words is to infect people by way of her voice (because sound affects the body which conversely affects thought) and forthright spirit with benevolent thought and intentions that gain an infection level of airborne.  If we are to stick with the scientific analogy, her voice would be the pathogenic microbial agents that transmitted through the air to cause a beneficial reaction within someone else.  To me, the infection of thought is such a delicate idea.  As you can imagine, our conversations were anything but bland.

Anyway, after we met the first time at a local coffee shop (she even bought me tea!), she decided she would send me a list of words to help give me an idea of what aspect of her I wanted to crop into life.  Her list was more of a paragraph of soft and harsh contradictions, personal identifiers, and momentary images that gave me more than a glimpse of what she was looking for.  I suppose we shall see if I succeeded.  Here are a few photos from the shoot.


She began the photoshoot by serenading me, which if you ask me is never a bad way to start a new experience. Her voice was radiant.

She wanted to get some pictures of her playing the piano and singing, in her natural habitat of course.  The only one I seem to like is the one of her hand and the song above.  If I had to pick a second choice, it would be this one.  I need to work on my low-light/indoor photography.

ImageHere are a few of the ones I really enjoyed.


In the window dungeon of the Free Masons building.



These two photos turned out grainy, which I quite like aesthetically.  I also thoroughly enjoy the empty chair behind her and the exercise of the option not to sit in it.

Well, I cannot ruin all of the surprise and post all of the pictures Gina has not seen yet.  However, I will post one last one that she requested a picture of.  We were shooting in an alley way just off of Colfax and our little friend just happened to be sitting in the window watching as we worked.  This one’s for you Gina. And for the rest of you, if you are interested in listening to her sing, watch her video on youtube or visit her music here:  reverbnation.com/ginamusic


© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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