With Eyes for Travelling

Yes, I am back in the 303.  Let me tell you, after spending some time in the country, there are so many people here.  I had a wonderful time at Smith Rock climbing and hanging out with my friend Mike.  I thoroughly appreciate his existence as a human being and adore his very nature.  I did a handful of climbs – by handful I mean 20ish in 3 days of climbing.  Not too shabby!  I even did some 5.11 leads and…wait for it….wait for it….took some lead falls.  Yes.  Falling.  Terrifying.  But, never the less, I am trying to work on my lead head, which mainly means not being scared of falling.  I really love the gentle quiet and soothing pace of the country.  Yesterday was a great day full of positive energy.  I was able to help out the couple I was staying with by tending to the beautification project of cleaning out the grass and weeds underneath some rose bushes.  I did it barehanded and loved every second of it, feeling the very nature of the Earth. 

Only now am I regretting the thorns that seem to have embedded themselves under my skin that didn’t seem to be there yesterday.  Afterwards, Mike took me on a motorcycle/dirt bike ride to see an Alpaca farm.  There were 400 Alpacas, including babies.  The babies were so, so cute.  I must add these animals to my repertoire of wants: a yak and baby chicks to decorate my yak.  The farm is entirely self-sufficient and creates some of the softest baby alpaca yarn.  There will be pictures soon to come.  After the farm, Mike and I had to rush to Portland to get me to the airport on time.  Who knew taking pictures of baby alpacas would be so time-consuming and occupying? =) The drive was fabulous and the winter conditions at Mt. Hood that were present upon my arrival had somehow entirely disappeared.  Most of all, it was in the best of company.

I look down at my hands as I type this and smile as the dirt that is temporarily permanent in the shallow crevices of my skin and nails remind me that I won’t be at this desk job forever. 

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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