Rainy Days and Millet

Sometimes a wet, overcast day is so necessary for some R&R.  I couldn’t think of a better day to make dinner, listen to music, and bake cookies….and then blog about it nevertheless!

I have decided to try to start blogging about my recipes.  I adore cooking and making people happy with food.  Nutrition is a huge part of my life and I believe it’s time to start sharing it with others.  Combined with photography, maybe I can begin to influence the way that people fuel their bodies.  In our society, I believe there is a major disconnect between the natural source of food and the body.  I have discovered my body and my mind are much happier in life when I cook everything from scratch.  There is some sort of pure satisfaction knowing exactly how my food is prepared and exactly what is in it when it enters my body.

What better way to start blogging about recipes but with cookies?  Mm!  I have been craving millet for a while now.  The texture of unground millet makes me salivate.  Specifically, I have been wanting millet in cookies.  You can’t beat making halfway healthy cookies to devour.

Oats, Millet, & Millet Flour

Oats, Millet, & Millet Flour

Peanut Butter Millet Cookies

1 1/2    cup millet flour
1/2       cup millet
1/2       cup oats
1/2       cup brown sugar
1/2       cup organic peanut butter
1/2       cup sunflower oil
4 tbsp  greek or icelandic yogurt
1 tbsp  honey
1 tsp     baking powder
1 tsp     vanilla extract
1 tsp     ground cinnamon
1 tsp     ground ginger
1 tsp     nutmeg

Prepare all of the dry ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl before adding the wet ingredients.  The consistency of the dough should be soft and malleable.  If the dough happens to be too crumbly/hard, you can always add a little more yogurt; although this shouldn’t be necessary.  Per my usual policy, always eat some dough before transforming it into cookies.  My guilty admittance is that sometimes my dough doesn’t even make it into cookie form.  Ah, such is life.

After mixing all of the ingredients together, make small balls with your hands that will fit in your palm.  Put them on a greased cookie sheet or parchment paper and press them gentle with a fork to flatten them slightly.  The cookies will be slightly crumbly and fragile, so handle with care.

Preparing for Transformation from Dough to Cookie











Bake the cookies at about 325°F for about 10 – 15 minutes.  10 minutes will give you a cookie that is over all softer in the middle while 15 minutes will give you one that is every so slightly more crunchy.  Experiment with a few if you need to first before you bake the entire batch.


After the cookies are done baking, be sure to let them cool completely before trying to move them as they are incredibly soft when removed from the oven.  Once again, be gentle when handling them as they seem to crumble easily if they are man-handled.


Om Nom Nom Nom Nom

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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