The Unplanned Month of Happenstance

Ah, where to begin.  Well, for one, sleep is overrated.

The month of May has been a true test of character indeed.  I have been couch surfing for the last month…and luckily, I have some pretty awesome friends with some outstandingly comfortable couches.  But unfortunately, a month of unplanned happenings has caused me to seriously slack on blogging and uploading photos.  Let me detail what exactly I have been up to.

It all started with moving right after I finished fixing my photos from Oregon (still coming, I promise).

I was sent to Texas for 2 weeks for work.  I’m just going to come out and say I’m not the biggest fan of Texas; Houston specifically.


They aren’t a huge fan of vegetarians in Texas.  I figured that out pretty darn quickly.  However, I did have the pleasure of meeting the manager and head coach of the Astros baseball team one night during an unusual happenstance.  They graciously gave me free tickets to the game the following day.


I was pretty miserable in Texas.  I learned a lot, worked too much, lost a bit of myself, and was not only happy to come home but thoroughly ecstatic.  In general, uploading pictures of Texas is easy as there are really only 3 worth noting.


After getting back from Texas, I played the game of catch up at work in order to prepare for my next adventures – the Rugged Maniac and Hawaii.  I did the Rugged Maniac with my good friend Whitney who plans on completing a race in each state.  You can read her blog and her pre-race overview here: Racing the States.  The race was absolutely awesome and I’ve never been quite so cold in my life.  It deserves a post (with pictures!) all by itself.

So after a whirlpool of digging mud out of the crevices of my skin and gathering the pieces of me scattered among friends and unpacking in order to pack, I have finally arrived in Hawaii.  Now comes the time to learn how to breathe (and maybe sleep a little – but hey, we already decided that’s overrated eh?).

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


2 responses to “The Unplanned Month of Happenstance

  1. You may not be a big fan of Texas, but your photographs are beautiful. If you ever make it back to Houston, visit Snapkitchen (no, I’m not a spammer and I don’t work for them)… you’ll have terrific food choices there. 🙂

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