Beasts of the Formidable Mud

So, I’ll face it.  I am behind on posting pictures and blogging.  Life is settled a bit more now and I’m finally up and running internet.  Remember this girl?

Still a little shocked.

Regrouping. And then she finished like a champ.

I did the Rugged Maniac with my friend, Whitney.  After being extremely cold after the race, Whit and I rushed home to take a warm shower before returning to the race to take pictures and  of course, claim our free beer.

Start & Finish

White Shirts No More 🙂

I learned something very valuable that day – that no matter how cold I am, I’m not sure I could be colder than I was that morning.  I also learned going back for the free beer in good company will always be worth it.


© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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