Experimentation: Leaving the Comfort Zone

Amazing Sunday morning breakfast in the deserts of Utah.  Sunday night drive with a late night arrival in Denver.  Packed my bag, 2 hours of sleep, on a plane to another state for business. Talk about drastic changes.

Remember a few months ago when I said it would be too soon if I were ever in Texas again?  Well, it happened.  It is too soon and I’m in Texas.  Again. This time I’m in Dallas instead of Houston.  So far, I like this city better (and they are more vegetarian friendly) but it is still Texas.  Last time I was here, I lost a little piece of myself.  Luckily, I have some amazing friends in my life helping me get through my stay in the Lone Star.  One day I will no longer be rendered speechless and I will be able to express my gratitude to these astounding human beings properly.

One of these special people jumped on the opportunity to give me a photo assignment project.  He has a total of 10 “technical assignments” for me so I can occupy my time when I’m not working a ridiculous amount of hours.  At first, I was little nervous because it has literally been high school since I was given any sort of assignment in photography.  After viewing the first 5, I confirmed that my nervous chatter will not go away.  He seemed to pick out the majority of the techniques I seriously lack skill in.  Then again, maybe it is just the act of defining that raises the hair on my arms.

1. Implied Nudity Self Portrait

    “Use a creative angle/cropping/lighting to force the viewer to assume there’s more to be seen. Not asking to see you naked. This trick works well in B&W with the blacks turned up in post. I love this technique for creating tension, that desire to see more in the pic. This doesnt have to be you btw. You can use a zoom and get some pop shots from a far.”
Here it goes… I couldn’t necessarily pick one photo because I am incredibly indecisive…

I think this one is my favourite.


3. Leading Lines.

“I LOVE this when it’s done right. I just look at these photos and yearn to see where it would take me. Often times I see this in photos when it’s not really part of the overall composition.”

Leading lines happens to be one of my favourite techniques as well.  It’s right up there with negative space.  I took this photography tonight on the walk back from dinner with my co-worker and his girlfriend.  I think I’m going to fit it into this category. I actually really enjoy this photograph; it feels raw to me.

So… thoughts? Opinions? Failures? Successes?  There will be more.

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


3 responses to “Experimentation: Leaving the Comfort Zone

  1. I like assignment #1. Those are really awesome and beautiful! Im glad you’re at least getting to do some photography work while you’re in lame ol’ texas! lol

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