Playing Dangerously

Loosing myself in Texas.

I decided to go play with my camera in the night to check off a few more from that photo assignment.  Walking alone in the dark in a city you don’t exactly know is no easy feat.

My tasks:
2. Night Motion
   “Use a slow shutter to capture movement in the city.”

5. Bokeh Patterns

“Easy and fun. Just use shallow depth of field and point it at some lights with a dark background.”

I got trapped in bushes between two rows of traffic.

I was stopped by the police.

Bitten by multiple ferocious ants while messing with night motion.

Approached by some random (drunk?) men. At this point, I went to go get a warm drink in a more public place.


Found a huge cockroach on a street drain.

I thought it would be nice to take a picture of the cockroach perched on the side of the drain and try to obtain a Bokeh Pattern behind his image/silhouette.  Gettin’ my vision here?  I squatted down and prepared to capture his photograph.  Turns out not only is Mr. Cockroach quick at scurrying, but he had an entire family with him that my eyes happened to miss.  After a slight startle, I figured I would take the opportunity to wait with my camera to get the shot I had in mind since I had so many little friends scampering about.  Well, that lasted only so long until Mr. Cockroach decided to crawl up my skirt.  Yep.  That pretty much did me in for the night.

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/



One response to “Playing Dangerously

  1. Thank you for letting us look into that beautiful mind. These are absolutely wonderful.

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