Loosing Myself in the Unexpected

Who says work cannot be fun? I built a fortress last week.

Today is Monday and I’m back in Colorado.  Let me tell you, any Monday that doesn’t start off in Texas is a good Monday in my book (even if I do have a bazillion emails and voice messages to catch up on).  This girl’s face has a smile on it.

I am slowly learning to really love this all-encompassing life I live.  I had an amazing friend date last night.  Define amazing you say?  She brought wine.  I made dinner in an amazing kitchen.  A smidge of talking ensued.  We reconnected with our inner children by jumping on the trampoline for what seemed like hours.  There were crickets.  

I am surrounded by exceptional human beings who encourage me to be…well, me.  Me.  I’m really beginning to find myself and it’s the most gentle and powerful feeling I’ve found in life so far. 

The Ja(y)sons <– the best roomies ever.  Seriously, I love this boys.

Bottomless Mimosas. Again.


There are some pretty amazing things about to happen this week and in the next month.  I feel like a little giddy child inside who cannot sleep a wink the week before Disneyland.  

The possibilities are blooming with enthusiasm.


Alright, you caught me.  I suppose it shows on the outside too.


© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/



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