Jumbled Details of Current Happenings

Life is pretty interesting, if I must say so myself.  I seem to have stumbled upon a vast amount of free time this past week.  I still get to see the mornings, which I am much more fond of when I can actually enjoy them from outside of an office window.


In other news, my computer broke recently.  Luckily, my roomie was able to retrieve everything from my hard drive.  When he told me he saved all of my precious photos I literally cried.  Needless to say, I am behind on my blogging due to the computer crash.  I still have to post photos about the Mile High Murder Mystery Race and countless other events…but that seems to have taken a back seat due to my computer’s current death.  However, hopefully my roomie can still revive it for me.  Until then, he’s being super courteous in allowing me to borrow his computer.  In addition, the lack of photoage on my computer has lead me into the addicting world of Instagram.  I have fallen in love.


Free time = yummy cooking experiments

Not only have I been enjoying the world of cooking, but I have also began playing Ultimate Frisbee again.  I was in a tournament this past weekend with a team named Patently Ridiculous.  Rules of the game: wear something ridiculous.  So, I did.


These sexy tan lines were the result of my ridiculous socks.

Adjusting to my free time hasn’t been too devastating.  I’ve actually received an outstanding response of support from my amazing friends.  Everything and literally everyone has been telling me to “get lost”.  In light of all directions pointing towards the directionless wonder of loosing myself, I have made a few rash decisions in the past week.

1) I am going to start swimming again.


I bike 9 miles for this view before swimming 2 or more miles

Swimming has always been a great way for me to clear my mind, meditate, and stretch out all of my sore muscles from biking, running, climbing, and any other adventurous trouble I tend to get myself into.

A marathon and a triathlon have always been on my list of things “to do”.  Seems like the list has merely accumulated more “to dos” throughout my life.  Why not act on it now?

2) Train for the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon on December 2nd.

I am training with my friend Whitney, who has a goal of participating in a race in every state.  Honestly, she has given me so much courage and inspiration to follow my dreams in life, including this running kick I have going on.  Do you need some inspiration or just want to follow a cool life story?  Follow her blog here.  She’s a completely legit human being and I’m thoroughly enjoying her presence in my life.


I can blame her for any blood that ensues… right? I think so!

3) Attending the Durango Hat Tournament this weekend.

It’s another Ultimate Frisbee tournament sponsored by Ska Brewery.  It’s one of my favourite tournaments in Colorado.  Whitney, two other friends, and myself are all driving out to Durango for the weekend in order to participate.  Can you say adventure road trip?  =)  Due to Monday being Labour Day, we are going to either a) explore Durango or b) climb.

4) I am stranding myself in Durango afterwards in order to get dropped off in the desert with one of my favourite people, Devin.

This is where the true getting lost comes in.  Not only have I had amazing support from all aspects of the situation, but I’m completely giving up control and knowing the best will happen.  Devin has agreed to help me work on my trad leading in Indian Creek.  I couldn’t be more excited about training with one of the strongest and most passionate people I know.  Besides, he was my very first mentor.  So come Tuesday, I will be MIA as Devin and I are going to be dropped off at the Creek and be picked up at some point in the future.

I have incredibly devoted friends willing to make this happen, including driving from Denver to Durango to pick me up after I crawl out of the desert.  How freakin’ amazing is that?   I am truly surrounded by outstanding people.  It is completely and wonderfully overwhelming.


So here’s to getting lost, loving myself, and knowing that I am enough.

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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