New Mexican Beauties

Round 2 for this blog post.  Let’s see if I can hit the right button at the end this time. 😉

This past weekend I was a passenger destined for Santa Fe, New Mexico with two friends in order to play in the Santa Fe Savage Sevens Ultimate Frisbee Tournament (my 3rd tournament weekend in a row!).  I sat in the back of the truck behind the driver’s and passenger’s seat.  It was a tiny little space that engulfed me.  While most people might consider my sitting conditions less than desirable, I was perfectly content.  On the drive I was expecting relatively flat land with not a lot to look at.  My only comparison for the drive was when I trekked down to Albuquerque and Socorro.

Obviously, I was proven wrong regarding my preconceived notions.

The drive was absolutely gorgeous.  Our driver has family in Taos, so we made a stop in the little town.  All of the buildings in Taos are about the same size, small, and well built.  To boot, I had some of the best coffee ever from a place named World Cup.

Instagramming Taos

I had plenty of time on the drive to play with Instagram, my new found photo love.  But of course, it required a bit of participation on behalf of my two other comrades.  While posing whilst driving did not result in the best of pictures, I did manage to pull out some show-worthy ones.

Our driver, Shay, subjected to Instagram fun.

After leaving Taos, we drove over the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  The weather was more chilly than I had expected but the Gorge was beautiful.

Storm rollin’ in.

I even procured a wide angle lens to play with.  The first time I was able to use it was at the Gorge.  So while the pictures of the Gorge itself didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted them to, I suppose they are still worthy just to see the depth of the canyon.

Playing with a wide angle lens.

Onward to our next destination: Oho Caliente, a recently developed hot spring composed of lithium pools, soda baths, iron baths,  and a mud pool.  Yes, a mud pool!  The experience brought me back to my childhood desires of always wanting to nonchalantly roll around in the mud.  So, I did exactly that:  I smothered my body with mud and smeared it all over my two companions.

An hour passed as we soaked in the springs, watched the sun set, and stretched to prepare to become savages as the night settled in.

Corpuscular Rays

Stay tuned for pictures from the tournament.

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/



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