Rest Day

Ah, photography.  Sometimes pictures are a daunting task.  A lot to go through.  A lot of decision to make. A lot of back and forth.  A lot of slowness lately.  I just realized that today is the 25th.  The following pictures were taken exactly a month ago on my first rest day in Yosemite, which was also the beginning of the 2012, 9th Annual Yosemite Facelift.  Whoa, where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was still adjusting to being back in civilization.

I had lunch with the woods, the trees, and a delightful soul I met earlier in the morning.There was a man playing the harp beautifully on the side of the road.A reminder that life happens.My comrade asked if he could take a picture of me taking a picture of the dead animal.Alan and Crystal – being cute and waiting outside for the kick off of Facelift: Reel Rock Tour 7Conversing and waiting.Watching and sitting and waiting.Stretching and waiting.Sneaking in to take pictures and waiting.A room full of people and unlimited beer and wine. The beer was provided by New Belgium Brewing. Thank you. 🙂
…And it begins! Timmy O’Neil celebrating the kick off of Facelift after a moment of silence for those who have been lost.The two main people pulling the strings.We volunteered for Facelift by picking up trash for a day.Can you see it? I almost didn’t. Scary baby rattle snake.When you volunteer, you are entered into a drawing where they give away multiple sweet prizes every day. I won a Rab shirt.


More pictures soon to come.

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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