Faces and Conversations

Before I do my last write up on Yosemite, here’s one more photo purge of the Facelift and of the dinner before my big wall experience.  I have been having trouble writing about my wall experience because it’s been difficult.  I want the writing to be perfect…and well, it’s not yet. All good things come with time though eh?

I’ve been in love with this song lately.  Listen to it and peruse the photos.

Picture says it all.

Cheyne Lempe talking about his Patagonia trip

There were lots of speakers at Facelift.  Some of them I was able to photograph and others I wasn’t either because I had just gotten done climbing and went straight to the event…or because I was drinking too much.  My rule is to usually cut myself off from camera usage whilst drunk.  I think it’s a pretty good rule.  How about you?

The faces of Facelift.

These are 4 out of the 10 people who picked up 34 pounds of poop from the bottom of El Cap during the clean up. As you can tell, they are thrilled to be called out in front of the crowd thinking, “Yeah, I’m going to get laid tonight.”

Taylor smiling as he won a prize in the raffle.

Alex Honnold speaking about his climbing blunders at Facelift.

The beginning of our night before our big wall adventure.

Who says you cannot eat like royalty whilst dirtbaggin’ it?

Tom and his priceless faces.

Yep. It was even better than it looks; and it looks amazing. Vegetarian friendly at that!

Chomp. Nom. Nom. Nom. Chomp.

My next post about Yosemite will be about my big wall adventure. 🙂

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