A Volcano Infused Weekend

This weekend was full of volcanoes, battered fingers, lovely 70 degree weather, and drinking.  I went on a road trip to New Mexico, Socorro to be exact, to surprise and support a friend’s PhD Defense and another friend’s Thesis Proposal.  Let’s say, I learned a lot this weekend.

My friend Crystal aided in the surprise visit by hosting my friends and me at her house. This was the view the Friday morning.

Surprise to you, I’m in the crowd! Julien’s defense was super cool and taught me what a Mohorovičić Discontinuity is. For short, you can call it a Moho. Pretty neat word eh?

Who said becoming a Doctor had to be serious? He even included Calvin and Hobbes comics and a video of a penguin slapping another penguin in the head.  Ingenious!

Sara’s Thesis Proposal. I learned what an angstrom was. Do you know?

The rooms used were super small and my camera made such a loud noise.  I unfortunately didn’t take many pictures because I didn’t want to be a major distraction.  However, I suppose I didn’t take many pictures over the weekend anyway.  Ah, sometimes such is life.  After the Friday of information overload and congratulations, we had the weekend to ourselves to climb at Box Canyon.

Met this cute little girl.  She supported me on my project.

Pretty desert flowers. Don’t be fooled by beauty; the cacti with spikes and all really mean business out there.

Met this lovely and strong human being. (Robert Wulff)

The lovely Alyssa bouldering.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of Julien climbing his 13a project because he tore a tendon in his left ring finger during a redpoint attempt. He’ll heal fast though I’m sure.

Projecting the heinous crux move of Banana Peel, 11c, with wine infused lips. (Yes, a smidge of wine may or may not have been had the night before). Photo courtesy of Robert Wulff. 

My project for the weekend was this route.  The crux was heinous and took a bit of projecting to figure out.  Although, it still didn’t make it feel any easier and the 70 degree weather made the rock hard to hold onto in some spots.  I was able to work on it with my women in crime: Sara and Danielle.  The newly dubbed Dr. J was our rope-gun.  Thanks =).  I was able to get the route clean, but only on top rope the last time through before my hands were obliterated.  Volcanic rock will do that to you.  Literally.  See for yourself.

Abused. Battered. Obliterated. Violated.

Tip Juice came to the rescue. They look prettier right!? Maybe I can still be a hand model. But yes, it STILL hurts to touch anything – including these keys I’m typing on.

This climbing balm is my favourite from all of the balms I’ve tried.  It promotes skin renewal and I am able to comfort my volcano-bitten hands and bridge the love/hate relationship between my two passions: climbing and swimming.  Besides, the balm is made out of a UK kitchen by some ol’ chaps name Oli and Tom.  Pretty great, right?

Over all, it was a great weekend of mixing friends, meeting new people, road tripping, and thoroughly enjoying life.  Good luck to Sara on her Masters Defense in January and to Dr. J’s Post Doc travels to France.

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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