Savage Procrastination

Remember that post I did a while ago on my trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico for the Santa Fe Savage Ultimate Tournament?  You can view it here if you don’t remember.  I’ve  had some trouble with one of my external hard drives that had a few of the pictures on it that I’ve needed to go through.  So here’s a photo purge of some of the images from the trip.  Also, this is proof that I (sometimes) do other things than climb. =)


Beach Bums


Bumble Bees

Butts Shots

How’s that for some alliteration, eh?  Now, let’s explain the previous photograph.  It all started with the song of “Shots, shots, shots, shots, butt shots.  Shots, shots, shots, shots, butt shots.”  Yep, you got it.  Our team lost to a team named “Bean Dip” where two of our team mates had to take butt shots.  There may be some incriminating photographs that were not posted.  Note that they may be used for blackmail later *cough Joe cough*.

Bean Dip also had an interesting rigged Jenga game for us to play.

Photo Credit: Matt Wright / Editing Credit: Me

Game Face

I think his finger is exactly, perfectly centered…

Accidents happen. ;/

Photo Credit: Matt Wright / Editing Credit: MePlaying with editing here. I thoroughly enjoy photographs where the subject is “hooded”.Ryan’s face cracks me up. In all of the photos I got of him, he should really think about ballet.

My fellow camera man in crime. I think he’s whispering devious things into the microchip in his hand. Yep, that must be it.

I’ve gotten a few good shots of this man’s “perfect throw” in different tournaments. He’s incredibly consistent.

What’s frisbee without PBR?


This guy.

Great movement here.

Photo Credit: Matt Wright / Editing Credit: Me

Only silly ultimate players refuse to wear costumes.

Anyone want to take a gander at what this image is?

Now to save my favourite photos for last:

Shay over the Rio Grande Gorge. The sky was absolutely magnificent.

I believe this photograph captures Rosi’s spirit perfectly. I truly love this image.

Mm. You just can’t forget to notice the grass, cones, and scenery.

I may be obsessed with reflections and close-ups of faces (especially scruffy/bearded faces).

And finally, Team Durango – I love these guys. ❤

What image did you like the best?  What about the least?  And be sure to give me feedback as to why!

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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