Sneakin’ a Peek at the Creek

A week ago I had the fortunate opportunity to disappear into the desert.

Meet Rosie.

If you do not already know about my not-so-secret love for the desert, feel free to view it here.  Rosie, the Euro Van, was the happy vehicle aiding in the adventure to Indian Creek.  Rosie’s innards were filled with three dogs, two dudes, myself, and of course everything needed to become addicted to crack all over again.

And this… this is where my heart is.

Every morning of the trip, we were met with blue skies and a rising sun.  It was much, much warmer in the desert than I expected.  I was able to climb in a tank top and capris while basking in the sun.  I don’t think a more perfect definition of perfect weather is possible.  My back is even sporting a rare November tan.

I have just over 500 photographs to go through and a great story to tell.  Something about the desert is just magical to me.  The people I met are incredibly inspirational and their energy is phenomenal.  At times, the task to contain my experience into words and syllables to form sentences seems beautifully daunting.  But right now, a mere picture will have to suffice.

You know you’ve had more than merely a fabulous trip with dirt like this.



And then this morning happened; I came back to society and back to reality.  Colorado’s skies greeted me with cold and gray, sunless skies.  In less than 12 hours, I feel like I left a heaven of a beautifully crisp fall and immersed myself into a snow-less Narnia of sorts.  Waiting for me at home was a package from my friend Dr. Julz; he sent me the jeans I left at his house when I went to New Mexico for his PhD Defense.  Not only am I no longer pant-less, but I have gained a beautiful stone retrieved by Julien from the depths of a volcano.

This necklace was waiting for me in the pocket of my jeans in a package secured within climbing tape and a heart felt note.

His note left me with happy tears in my eyes reminding me that I am not a “simple, boring bowl of porridge incapable of wonder and curiosity, of frustration, doubt, and exhuberance” (he’s practicing his French spelling of words).

Not so battered after all. (Photo compliments of Matt Reeser).

So I leave you with this quote:

“…and I want more than anything to reach the end of my days having done ‘something’ to make the world better.  And everyday, I fear it’s impossible. So, I wear, in a mythologically comical fashion, one of these, as a friendly reminder that I’m going to win.  And so are you.  Chin up.  You got this shit.”
– Dr. Julien Chaput

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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