Unconsciously Conscious

Taos Flowers SP
I was told the meaning of life
Once upon a time in the middle
Of night, or maybe before sunrise
When fairies just finished their
Job of carrying dew drops to the
Smooth blades of newly bending grasses.
The Scarecrow pointed me in meaning’s
Direction but he twisted his arm the
Other way and pointed me oppositely
The next night, or maybe it was the
Same night… or possibly a week
Later I shed my secret like
A tear unto another yearning ear
I tried to dim the lights to enhance
The memory, yet the lights remained
Subborn and shown bright as if they
Were a spot light or the cigarette
Of the ceiling’s electrical wires
And I wish I could outline this
Ever so sought meaning in ink
But for the life of me I can’t
Remember. It’s fuzzy but so damn
Vivid. And Icarus dropped by on my cloud
Warning me not to fly too high
The untouchable knowledge would melt
My wings. But I have purpose and that’s
What matters most because the
Meaning of life is to never know
The meaning… but one day I
Will be told it again maybe by Tinkerbell
Whispering it in my ear with her wings
Only to never be able to comprehend it
In my waking life
Because the Boogeyman comes ‘a knock knock knockin’
And ‘a tap tap tappin’ on my shoulder
Because there’s no place like home
Yes. There’s no place like home

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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