Balancing Growth

Wow.  What can I say?  Literally, the social world has overwhelmed me with astonishing reception.  I’ve gotten some amazing responses about my Yosemite big wall story and my writing/photography in general.  My blog was even shared by multiple sites on FaceBook: “Girl Beta“, “Climb On, Sister“, “Climb Run Lift Mom“, “The Chalk Pot“, and even the American Alpine Club sent me a message on Facebook regarding my story.  Within the first week of publishing the story, I obtained over 800 views.

Needless to say, I owe a huge thanks to all of those who shared my story, including close friends reposting on their walls.  Also, Chloe Johnson even gave me a guest post on her website, Fresh Air Fort Collins.  That makes for my first guest post….ever!

There are a lot of things in my life that have been shifting over the past few weeks.  I started a new job, a morning job, in addition to keeping my evening job at the restaurant.  My sleep schedule has been suffering slightly, which makes being productive increasingly difficult.  I have a few more exciting developments that I cannot share quite yet, but I will be able to soon.

In addition to all of the positive things happening, I had an amazing opportunity last week to sit down with Lauren Rains, the host and editor of Outdoor Minded Magazine.  After speaking with her for about an hour, she told me she would love to have me begin contributing regularly to the Magazine.  She even went public about it on FaceBook:

Just met with the talented writer and photographer Shay Skinner of Denver, CO who is going to be contributing writing and photography pieces regularly to OMM. 
Can’t tell you guys how awesome it is to get to work with people through OMM who are so dedicated to doing great things with their travels and pursuits.

Lauren is an incredibly talented woman and is really into social media.  Seriously, she seems to know so much about what is going on online.  She’s great at getting her name out there and actually taking the time to publicize.  She makes me realize just how much more work I have to do in order to get to where I want to be.  That includes writing an “About Me” page on my blog.  So enjoy my new about page (which may be edited again soon when I have more time and pictures!). =)

Enjoy some Joshua Trees

Until then, enjoy some Joshua Trees

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