Colouring Asphalt

Rubix Octo SPJuggling the balance of the way things work in life is seriously more than a full time job.  I suppose you might even be able to say that I am obsessed with the idea of balance.  Although, that might just be because my life severely lacks it.  Just like the amount of activities that the great outdoors offers, city life does just the same.  I’ve found myself painstakingly making decisions (rather, really not making any decisions at all) about whether to stay in town for promising weekend events or to leave town for exciting adventures.

Primate SP

Spaceship SP

The first weekend in June, I decided to play in one of my favourite ultimate frisbee tournaments, GRASS.  GRASS is a savage tournament put on by GRU (Grass Roots Ultimate).  A savage tournament means that you have 10 players on a team, however only 7 are on the field for the entire game.  Thus, each person plays every point in every game without having a sub every point or so – savage.  There were also amazing kegs from the Boulder Beer Company at the tournament.  Yum.  And… let’s just say there’s still a part of my memory that just hasn’t come back yet.

This Guy SP

You’re probably wondering – Yeah?  You played ultimate?  Well then what are all these pictures of chalk doing on your blog?  For all purposes, that’s an incredibly valid inquiry.  Playing savage makes it incredibly difficult to also take pictures.  Of course, there were one or two games I was off of the field due to rotations – but that’s where the beer drinking comes in!

3-D SP

Alien SP

Now let’s hit the asphalt!  The same weekend of GRASS was the weekend of the Denver Chalk Art Festival.  I have always tried to attend the festivities because the drawings end up being super cool.  Unlike previous years, this year I went on Sunday after GRASS finals when the majority of the drawings were finished.  I’ve always had a wish for the ability to draw, but it just doesn’t come easy to me – definitely not drawings of this caliber either.

Artists at Work SP

The sun was literally sweltering this day. These artists are champs!

Doggie SP

You’ve seen those photographs of dogs jumping into water floating around the internets, yes? This is a great chalk version of one of those images. Super cute in my opinion.

Down the Row SP

The Denver Chalk Art Festival 2013

Every year I find it overwhelming how many people show up to this event, even when the sun is dripping 100 degree heat onto you.  That being said, taking pictures is always challenging.  I’m very cognizant of shadows being cast onto the drawings, people in the back ground, things not falling into place just the way I want them to.  Aesthetically speaking, this wreaks havoc on my picture taking skills.  I find that I have to force myself to take the image anyway even though there are people everywhere.  Not to mention, with the amount of crowds the street of Larimer saw that day, I was in and a part of a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare.  Flowers SP

Hooded SP

Hummingbird SP

Octo SP

In addition, the Museum for Outdoor Art (MOA) decided that this year they were going to hold a “Capture the Color” Photo Contest where photographers are allowed to submit some of their best photographs.  The prize is pretty rad as well – 2 roundtrip tickets for Southwest Airlines.  The deadline for submissions is tonight at 6 p.m. mnt time.  These are the four photographs I entered:



Tools of the Artist

Tools of the Artist

This chalk art was one of my favourite from the weekend.  I think it's super unique and out of the box.

This chalk art was one of my favourite from the weekend. I think it’s super unique and out of the box.

However, I mostly really enjoy these little purposely "unfinished scratches".  Overall, this is my favourite image.

However, I mostly really enjoy these little purposely “unfinished scratches”. Overall, this is my favourite image.

So in generally, go check out the hyperlink above for the Museum of Outdoor Arts; they are a great non-profit organization promoting a mission of “making art a a part of everyday life”.  Go to a chalk art festival – they are sweet.  Get outside.  And have some fun in the sun!

And, wish me luck!  Hopefully my decision to stay in town will earn me the pleasure of getting out of town.  Oh, how that would be the most perfect balance of all. 🙂

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