Short and Sweet

Not only am I entirely inefficient when it comes to packing, but I loathe it.  Inevitably, I wait until the possible minute to do laundry, make my “DO NOT (under any circumstances) Forget List”, and to figure out what I need to do around the house before I leave.  I even got a head start this time around – over 24 hours before I leave.  If you know me personally, you’re probably astounded; if you don’t, you probably should take my word for it and be impressed.

In addition, I have the cute hindrance below to deal with. Oh yeah – dog food from The Honest Kitchen.  I have to grab that; Akeyla literally will not eat much else while we are camping.  She makes me worry about her when she refuses to eat, so luckily she will eat THK’s dehydrated dog food when I prepare it for her.  See, even how as I type I am not finished packing.  Soooo…  maybe the 24 hours is negated at this point.  Procrastination post?  I think so.

Belly rubs - now!

Belly rubs – now!  As you can tell, she’s super helpful.

I am going back to Ten Sleep Canyon in Wyoming this weekend.  I am pretty stoked.  A lot of people I know are out there and I have a visitor coming into the airport tomorrow from Arizona.

Jess - Remember this girl?

Jess – Remember this girl?

I met Jess while I was in Yosemite.  She bought her plane ticket about a week ago and called it good. =)  I am pretty excited to spend more time with this lady and hear about her recent travels overseas.  I also met a man by the name of Shayd in Yosemite.  I saw on Facebook that he was in Steamboat Springs getting ready to head back to Mammoth.  I told him he should detour to Ten Sleep and I think it worked ;).

Shayd is on the right.

Shayd is on the right.

There will be a few people from Boulder (including another photographer friend of mine, Kevin) and a few people from Fort Collins who will be going out to Wyoming.  My friend Jesse, who I met at Smith Rock, has been out there for two weeks already.  And most excitingly, Elodie arrived earlier this week.  I spoke about her briefly in my last post.  I have been following Elodie’s photography site for 2 years now.  I adore her innate ability to capture emotion and presence on people’s faces.  I have never had the opportunity to meet her until this weekend.  Yep – super excited.

That being said, I have to be up early for work in the morning.  I will most likely finish packing then due to clothes not being quite dry yet.  I’ll be able to bring my furry child to work though because there will be one other person in the office and I’m heading straight to the airport afterwards to nab Jess.  It should be a good weekend with yummy meals, great company, and lots of pictures…. oh and how could I forget, finger munching!  Nom nom nom nom nom.

Snow Pines SP

At least this time I’m much more prepared for weather.

What are your plans for the fourth?

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