Hearts SP

“They are noisy. A lot more than I remember growing up.”
“Yes. Lately I have been thinking about getting rid of them. How was your day?”
“A day… Just another day.”
“That one on the bottom there, she’s sick. She just sits on the edge of the food dish, barely eating. She doesn’t even sing anymore.”
“I guess my day was a little bit hard.”
“I’ve been thinking about putting her in the freezer so she won’t have to suffer.”
“Oh? That’s kind of sad.”
“I know, but she is living death. I just don’t know anymore. I have too many of them anyway.”
A dog woofs. A human barks in return – shut up.
“So how was your day?”
“Do you need anything? A bagel? They are in the freezer. Another roll of toilet paper? A letter came for you today; I’m not sure who it’s from. I have gummy bears and cookies too.”
“I put myself back into therapy.”
“So you’re sick again.”
“All I hear is static nowadays and life is getting hard to digest….that’s all.”
“I could make room in the freezer for you too.”
A small smile. “No. No that is quite alright; I don’t much like being cold…but thank you for the offer.”
“I need to let the dogs out. I should clean the kitchen, pull some weeds, and tend to the living room. So much to do.”
“I’ll get going. I’ll see you around.”
“Are you sure you don’t need anything?”

Yearning Refuse SP

Back in the comfort of the solitude and dark it was easy to not digest the world
To ignore life and all the nutrients it had to offer the human soul
Trudging to the closet, picking out a wired coat hanger, she peeled off her skin
Hung it up like a prom dress from an evening best not remembered.
It looked so peaceful.
Hanging there.

Bed sheets refused to engulf her, discarding her skeleton – she didn’t understand
Why she couldn’t imprint the mattress even when her soul felt so unbearable.
So heavy.
It hurt to swallow. Even air. Lungs were tight and her body goose-bumped and cold.\
It was more out of comfort and necessity than out of belief
She tightly shut her eyes and rocked herself to sleep
“This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.”
It hurt to swallow. Even air.

Blurred breath SP

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


3 responses to “Stale

  1. Wow! Beautiful poetry 🙂 Sublime moment ^_^ Thank you for sharing your guts in a remarkable way.

  2. Here I sit. Legs crossed on the floor in the corner of a busy Bemis library. Closed off, inside a box and surrounded by dead words. Away from the endless awesome power of nature. Ten minutes ago I was forgiving myself for being mindless in my speech with a friend. I think I might have assumed too much and for that I am sorry. It’s that I identified with the character and it took courage to post inspiring poetry like that.

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