Brief Reflections

I suppose it has been a bit of a hiatus for me in the terms of the blogging world. Although, I suppose I am always on a hiatus of a sorts. No surprise there. Although, I do have news. In recent communication with Spencer from Mountain Obsession, I decided to publish a piece on his website. The whole mission of the website is to “inspire new adventures, promote environmental stewardship and encourage the spread of the “live life to the fullest” mentality”. I have thoroughly enjoyed the communication that I have had with him as well as the efforts he puts into his website. He remains passionate through his authenticity and his writing and exploration of himself. Spencer has always spread the message “to be unique”. To this day, that remains a quality I truly enjoy in my human interaction with anyone I meet.

Creek Sunset SP

The piece I decided to publish with Mountain Obsession was not an easy decision for me. By far, it is the most honest, raw, and authentic piece I have ever decided to go public with. That specific part of my life is something I have not shared with many people due to how intimate and shameful it is. It also amazes me how one person, mainly Chris Taylor, could single-handedly change my life by being adventurous and spontaneous and inviting a random girl to climb with him. Literally. Single-handedly. With one invitation, Chris altered the path of my life. My lifestyle. My beliefs. My energy. I’ve also realize through this process that a lot of people cannot take the strength in vulnerability. Why is that? Sure, things are hard and things suck at times. But, if you have the personality to overcome it, you have the recipe for strength for the rest of your life as long as you keep on keeping on – to be cliché about it.

So why is showing how much strength you have in being vulnerable so taboo? Are not the sloppy, hard, ugly, and difficult aspects of life part of being human too? It seems the majority of people do not want to stick around when things get rough. True – they don’t have to. But, what sort of culture are we breeding by stipulating happiness 24/7 and running away from things that feel too hard to stomach? I think we are selling ourselves short in the peace department by not working through the hard shit that is never easy to deal with. Why does no one want to address the difficulties outside of happiness? Do you not arrive at genuine, pure happiness by the depths of the sorrow you explore? I don’t have answers and I’m not sure I ever will. But I do know by being raw through my writing, I have received a lot of messages from people I know, people I don’t know, people I’ve only met once, or people I’ve never met. All of them thank me for the strength it must of taken to write honestly, let alone to publish it. People speak openly about supporting me and are grateful to me for inspiring them. They share their experiences with me. They express quite moments that have impacted them. They give me little pieces of advice. To me, that is truly living. To me, that is finding inner peace and spreading it to others. To me, that is enough.

Please click the link below to read my piece “Fill the Void”. It is the most impactful and life changing moment of my existence. And to everyone who has supported me and been there, I truly, truly will never be able to express how deeply grateful I am for your presence in my life.

Fill the Void


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