Portraiture Flare

“What are men to rocks and mountains?” -Jane Austen

Going through my photographs from my recent trip to El Potrero Chico in Mexico, I was looking forward to a series of photographs I took of a climber named Jordan. I met him randomly at the Tuesday Market in the Mexican town of Hidalgo, which is situated just outside of Potrero.

The next day we ended up climbing in the same area. As Jordan began climbing, I hiked up the canyon to get a better perspective. As I began photographing his climb, I realized how aesthetic the line looked. The way in which he moved up the rock face was more like a delicate dance.

Jordan Mexico in Flames 1

Mexico in Flames, 12a, Lower Virgin Canyon

There are so many layers to photographing someone else’s experience. I fell in love with the idea that photographing Jordan climbing was not only providing a portrait of him, but a portrait of the rock. Even more significantly, the photographs illustrate a portrait of his unique relationship to the rock and the climb; a relationship no one else will have.

Jordan Mexico in Flames 2

Jordan Mexico in Flames 3

Jordan Mexico in Flames 4

Jordan Mexico in Flames 5

Jordan Mexico in Flames 7

© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/


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