Grass Ferns
blankets wrapped around these
exhausted bones
bad dreams & cold sweats
1:37 a.m. craves whiskey & burnt cigarettes
back porch, cement sitting
body shaking like dead vines
wrapped around chain link fence
in frigid gusts
28° solicits warm places
recognizable embraces
but all i can do is hang in shame, try to
ctrl alt delete
the unconsenting memory
of you
from between my legs
and around my neck

uncontrolled, fingerprints of yours

but i won’t speak of your sins and
of how you strangled my wrists
i can still feel the blood vessel twists
locked in my stomach, stuck in my throat
bad dreams & cold sweats
2:13 a.m. implores whiskey & burnt cigarettes
plagued with dereliction of healing
from your iniquities
i bear a sullied self-
love and scar tissue
my own heart at fault
unable to cure humiliation
from your
dirty endowments, between my legs
now cinched in my rib cage
lost & desolate in restoring


ctrl alt delete
bad dreams. cold sweats. burnt cigarettes.
Wyoming Ranch Land
© /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/

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