The Fotog


I am a free-spirited Colorado outdoor chick.  I make a point in life to play.  Starting out with 4 years of dark room photography, I switched to digital about 4 years ago.  I admire fellow fotogs like Cory Richards, Andy Mann, and Jimmy Chin.  Yet, where are all the female adventure photographers?  Shooting big (no pun intended!), I would love to make a name for myself as one of the top women adventure photographers.  I am an avid climber and absolutely in love with the written word. I am an aspiring runner and also dabble in the world of Ultimate Frisbee.

I have been published in the AAC Guidebook to Membership, Trail Runner, The Climbing Zine, and other small publications and blogs.



5 responses to “The Fotog

  1. for the love of god lady when are we hanging out and when are you coming to see where you will be hanging and selling your art………..Help me help you…….im just saying you know it will come along with a good time!!!!!! Hit me up!

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